Try beautiful summer Hijab this Ramadan

As we know the month of Ramadan occur during the summer season, which means that many people may be wearing lighter clothes as they go about their daily routines. This also includes women who wear a hijab for modesty reasons.
With this in mind, we have come up with some ideas of how you can wear hijabs during Ramadan . It’s worth noting that these styles are ideal for women of all ages and from all backgrounds, such as Muslims or non-Muslims alike.

Summertime is the season for looser materials, lighter and brighter colours perfect for the warm weather. Hijabs made from natural, breathable fabrics like cotton and silk are popular options for the weather. We suggest avoiding polyester this doesn’t allow your skin to breathe, which can cause you to overheat. It can also trap sweat on your skin and scalp, leading to discomfort.

When it comes to styling your hijab, we suggest opting for looks that don’t require an underscarf or cap, which can cause you to overheat. Instead, choose a lighter material which can be overlapped to keep your hair covered without being too thick.

Summer hijab colours

neutral shades that can be easily paired with your outfit. Staying away from darker colours can also keep you from overheating, no matter the material you use. Darker shades attract and absorb heat, which is the opposite of what you want. Instead, pick brighter colours, which can reflect the sunlight and keep you cool. mauve, feather grey, soft pink, and pink peach. These offer the perfect, delicate balance between pastel, bright, and neutral, making them ideal for any outfit and skin tone.

Hijab shades for your skin tone

Picking a colour hijab that suits your skin tone is an easy way to make sure the shade you’re wearing suits you, which can have a massive impact on how confident you are in yourself.

Understand your skin tone

To get an idea of what colours and shades suit you, you first need to understand your skin tone and your undertones. You can do this by checking your skin against jewellery if gold seems to suit you more, you have a warm undertone. If you look better in silver, then you have cool undertones.You can also check the colour of the veins. Hold your wrist up the natural light and check the shade. If they’re blue or purple, you have cool undertones. If they’re more blue-green then you have neutral undertones, and if they’re green or olive, you have warmer undertones.

Generally speaking, beige, camel, taupe, and other similar neutral shades should be avoided if you have warmer undertones as they can actually wash you out. Bold, striking colours look great against a lighter skin tone, so don’t be afraid to experiment with deep shades like burgundy red or dark emerald hijabs.

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