A Guide to Experiencing Ramadan in Dubai (for Non-Muslims)What To Wear in Ramadan?

Ramadan is finally here! And if you are new in UAE, you are going to experience amazing festive time. It is the time to enjoy the special meals of suhoor and Iftar and enjoy iftar parties. Ramadan IS one of the best times to experience regional cuisine and experience the traditional culture.

But apart from all this, have you decided upon the various outfits that you will be wearing this Ramadan? To solve all your queries whether you are Muslim or not, we have compiled a great list of all the many options that you can try this year in all the different events waiting for you!

Here are a few important details that you have to keep in mind:

  • Displaying of skin and tight clothing is a strict no-no for this month.
  • Opt for flowy fabrics and dresses for daytime wear.
  • Keep kimonos and abaya along with long cardigans for layering.
  • Accessorizing is the key while going for Iftaar parties.
  • Keep the choice of footwear simple and classy and don’t opt for uncomfortable footwear
  • Whether you decide to wear hijab or not is completely your choice
  • Try new hijab styles for Ramadan Parties

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