5 simple sahoor / iftar outfits ideas for her

Ramadan is a time to be closer to your friends and family and spend more time with them. You have to attend many iftar parties and milads as well as Khatam-e-Quran And to attend all these events and places, you often need new outfit ideas.If you are looking for Ramadan outfit inspiration for all your busy evenings and afternoons, then you have come to the right place.

1-Straight trousers are so easy to style and even if you just have a single white trouser, you can wear it with a number of different shirts and create a new look for every iftar.

2-Embrace White Outfits If you are a fan of white outfits, then you will surely not be able to resist wearing white for iftar parties.

3-Pastels We are expecting hot weather during Ramadan so pastel colors and two-piece outfits should be your top choice for easy breezy look.

4-For the love of Chikankari The breeze is no longer flowing and the sun is beating down on our head. In such a time, there is always a great need for beautiful Chikankari kurta paired with white trousers or shalwar.

5-Go traditional You can find traditional clothes easily from a local market in your city. Many people think such clothes are outdated and old-fashioned, but we must tell you that they are making a comeback with fierce force. So get your hands on one now!

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