Tips: Get glam for a big night

For any big event, allow your makeup look to go above and beyond your normal routine. After all, that long, sparkly gown isn’t your everyday attire either. Think high drama, bold colors, extra shimmer!

1. Prep and prime

Start with moisturizers, serums or makeup primers according to what your skin needs, but don’t overdo it,limit this step to one to two products.

2. Color correct and conceal

Next, combat dark circles, sunspots or redness but sparsely and only where necessary. Too much product will actually enhance fine lines.

3. Apply foundation

For foundation A long-wearing or silicone-based formula is ideal for staying in place even through sweat or humidity.

4. Add finishing powder

Pressing your powder into your skin when applying (instead of dusting) will create a flawless finish.

5. Time for eye makeup

The possibilities are endless with eyeshadow, but to ensure it looks its best, add a base coat of lid primer or concealer first.

6. Don’t forget your brows

At the very least, add a few strokes to define your natural shape by filling in any sparse areas, or if you prefer, go all in with a bold brow.

7. Contour, blush and highlight

As long as you are placing these products in the appropriate areas, you can’t really go overboard with any for a nighttime event.

8. Apply lip liner, lipstick and lip gloss

Long-wearing lipstick and lip stains will have you spending more time smiling and less time touching up.

9. Top it off with setting spray

An absolute must if you want your makeup to stay in place until all hours of the night.

10. Most importantly, add the finishing touches

One of my favorite tips for anyone who wants that professional “done-up” look is this: when you feel like your look is complete, add a little more. Highlight on the inner corner of your eyes, sparkle on the lid, another coat of mascara or extra highlight on your cheekbones will make your look pop.

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