Interview with Ms Daisy Shah and Mr Taha Shah Badussha for Dubai Social Diaries !

1-Hi! Welcome to Dubai social diaries , how are you guys?

Daisy: Hello! Doing very well thanks for asking. Taha: Very well! Thanks for having us.

2-People are loving your song, it’s everywhere on social media, how excited are you guys for the feed back?

Daisy: The feedback has been amazing. We are getting so much love from everybody. It feels really good. Taha: To be honest Instagram is such a big society and people appreciating our song over there is amazing because everybody in the world can see it. Recently there’s a big influencer name Ricky Pond , posted a reel of our song , he’s an amazing guy and it’s really sweet of him doing this.

3-Do you guys like your chemistry in the song?

Daisy:of course! The song did really well because the chemistry between us really struck well. The story of the song is nice and the amount of love we are getting , I think our chemistry has been bang on. Taha: yeah! I think we have great chemistry in fact I was telling daisy that we should do a movie together or a series.

4- Are you guys thinking to work in the films together in future?

Daisy: Fingers crossed! We are looking forward to work with each other in the future, just waiting for right project. Taha: I love working with daisy and I’m looking forward to work with her in future.

5-Talking about the music! Which kind of music do you guys enjoy the most?

Daisy: If you talk about my taste in music, I really love songs which are soulful. Which takes you to peaceful mood so I think romantic songs with meaningful lyrics. Taha:I like 90’s music since I was in elementary school, it brings me back to my childhood. I listen to 90’s music while driving. Besides that love songs with good lyrics.

7- what are your future plans?

Daisy: currently I’m shooting for a film which is called The Mistry of Tattoo and there are two three projects in pipe line. I’m really looking forward to work on these projects because they are are challenging and the character I’m playing in these projects are very different. Taha: My future plan is to be alive! I’m hoping to do more web series and do different kind of roles. And One day I would like to open schools and hospitals for needy people.

Thank you so much for giving us your precious!

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