Nothing beats a classy-traditional shalwar kameez adorned desi hunk on Eid!

Shalwar Kameez being it the symbol of tradition, culture, and ritual. Even the foreigners are so fascinated by this attire that they end up buying it!

A properly ironed, breathable shalwar kameez is a must have for the first day of Eid. Wearing clean shalwar kameez to Eid prayer is a sunnah and therefore most people like to wear shalwar kameez on the first day of Eid. Colors like beige, brown, white, blue, and grey are mostly preferred by men on Eid because of their fresh yet minimalistic appearance.

For Eid men prefer to wear the traditional kurta shalwar. It is the best option because it looks decent and traditional. Here we explain the few best kurta shalwar designs for men that you can wear nicely for Eid and Ramadan iftar parties.



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