Khussas: favourite footwear for Eid

The embroidered and crafted handmade footwear khussa is the most favourite traditional footwear for Eid with its affordable prices.

Khussa sales goes up significantly during the holy month of Ramazan as Eidul Fitr is being approaching near and the women are preferring to wear trendy cultural khussa shoes that would match to their Eid outfits.

These days khussas can be made on order with specify design also. While instead of traditional leather a wide range of other fabrics are being used to make them such as velvet, cotton, silk, jaamawaar etc.

These designs have eye-catching embroidery consisting of dabka, tilla, kora etc and are also decorated with different types of beads, sequins, mirrors, pearls, shells, brass nails, bells as well as gota, ribbons, mukesh and velvet which accentuate their beauty.

Keeping in mind the scorching summer season , ladies find it difficult to step out from their home in a high heels so, Kolhapuri chapels and flat-thong sandals or khussas are the most in demand because of their comfort ability factor and affordable pricing.

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