Eid Edit: Editors Letter

The phases of life change every moment.At some moment, we experience happiness and comfort, the very second moment we have to face difficulties.But this is life, full surprises, shock, wonders, amazement and many more.

Eid is around the corner, but nothing this year feels the same. people are preparing for their Lockdown Eid in many countries.You may not be able to invite your friends over for an elaborate feast or visit your relatives to line your pocket with all the Eidi money, but that doesn’t mean you don’t celebrate the festivities.

Do we only dress up to show others, not to ourselves?Do we just want to look beautiful in the eyes of others, not ourselves? No! We do not need any reason to be ready, to dress up or to do makeup.We should do all these things just for ourselves, for our happiness.

So, come on ladies getup, put on your favourite lipstick, wear your beautiful dress and don’t forget to click pictures.

Happy Eid from DUBAI SOCIAL DIARIES! Editor: Sonia Kamran


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