Ayesha Mulla: The Rising star

Entrepreneur and makeup artist Ayesha Mulla’s vision extends further than her immediate business. She represents today’s modern woman who can balance her personal and professional life making it look like a piece of cake.

Ayesha is dedicated to her craft as a makeup artist and began her journey as an entrepreneur in 2015 with her first venture -cosmetics by Ayesha Mulla. Her aim was to bring international quality Luxury make-up accessories and cosmetic products tothe Indian market. Her makeup line can be purchased on her very own e-commerce website. 

Ayesha has also been featured in blockbuster music videos which have crossed 100Million views gaining popularity on screen and creating a large fan base on her social media platforms. 

The sky is the limit is a saying that goes well with Ayesha’s views – she’s constantly trying to push the envelope and spread her wings. She recently moved to Dubai and opened up her very own beauty salon located in the heart of the city, Downtown Dubai near Burj Khalifa.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/ayeshahashmeofficial?igshid=1uvezfpet61cd

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