Style Inspiration For An Eid In Lockdown

Eid is fast approaching and as the holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, observers around the world know it’s time to pull out your best outfit and celebrate in style. However, this year is a bit different, isn’t it? Most of us have not had the chance to shop for our gorgeous anarkali suit or gown and feeling a little bummed out about it. But how about making the best with what you have?

How to stay classy & comfortable while staying home this Eid because it’s a lockdown outside

Collection name: “Humaira x Kit&Kaboodle”
Muse: Humaira Asghar Ali Lounge wears: You (by Fareeha aslam)

Photographer: Ahsan Ali Shahid

Location: Kit&Kaboodle home interiors Mua/glam: Diva the salon

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