Raksha Bandhan/ Eid Glow – taking care of yourself

Hello, how are you all doing? Hope all are doing well and feeling good. I have started my 30 days Weight Loss Challenge and can’t wait to see my transformation. Started with detox and then a diet plan, my goal is to reduce belly fat, increase muscle mass and my stamina. Who doesn’t want to look and feel good right? This festive season of Raksha Bandhan and Eid, I will share some tips to glow. These will be very simple steps to follow, so read on.

Here are some Tips :-

1. Food Intake:

You are what you Eat. So if you want a reach glow on your face, try and include lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet, along with Protein. Reduce your junk and fried items and just keep it for cheat days, but don’t over cheat too. Control your portions.

2. Skincare:

Step up the skincare game by knowing what ingredients in skincare suit your skin. Clean your skin well with the cleanser that suits your skin type. Definitely apply sunscreen, it is the best anti-aging cream. Try and introduce Retinol and Squalene in your skin care routine. We can go on and on about skincare ingredients. Hydrate and plump up your skin with good serums. I am using KJ Serums, which is a home grown brand and loving the results. Use some good face mask to revive the glow on your face. NEVER EVER SLEEP WITH MAKEUP ON. IT AGES YOU 7 TO 10 TIMES.

3. Reshuffle Wardrobe:

You can definitely buy a new outfit, but you never know when you reshuffle your wardrobe, you might find a dress that you have never worn, or worn just once, or old and look as good as new. You can also mix and match your outfit to create totally a brand-new outfit. I bet you will love that unique designer creation of yours. Sharing some outfit inspiration with you all.

4. De-clutter Makeup and others:

Want a stress-free look? De-clutter your home, makeup and discard anything that you don’t want. Nothing like clean home and as a result clean mind and a better or happier you.

5. Be Happy and Positive:

Always keep smiling and think positive. Happier you spreads a natural glow on your face.

That’s a wrap for now. Enjoy your festive season. Happy Raksha Bandhan. Eid Mubarak. Hope you love the outfit inspirations. Which is your favourite outfit and picture amongst all? Do let me know in the comments below.

Stay Safe and Stay Home as much as you can. Hoping the pandemic would end soon. Do follow me on my other social media channels to keep updated with my daily tits bits.

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