Emotional wellness

What comes in our mind when we heard this word. We feel how it is connected . Emotion comes from mind and heart fitness comes from Body.

Do we all know that Emotional fitness is defined as the state wherein your mind stays away from negative thoughts and can be creative and get involved in constructive tasks. Staying emotionally fit is the key to for a happy and successful life.

It can be employed in any other aspect of life as well – financial fitness, linguistic fitness, intellectual fitness and emotional fitness.

While studying psychology I used to see lot of practical cases where people were so reluctant to share there emotions. Trust me we all have are batteling with emotional problems in our lives in some phases. The only way to make this phase easy to share them and talk about these problems.

Emotional Fitness Training

Be disciplined, strong willpower, and mindfulness is the first step of emotional fitness. Then few pratices what you need to do try on yourself

1. Listen to your body

2. Label the emotion or give name to that emotion either it’s happy sarcastic sad or wat 3. Be curious if still u not able to find out then be curious n try try

4. Manage your defensiveness we all have self defensive element in our self but now need to be loyal and realistic to accept your mistakes and flaws

5. Practice, practice, practice so these things u need to practice every day to

there are some simple steps you can take. that will increase your emotional fitness level.

Expand your circle well but it doesn’t mean to be dependent emotionally on others . I believe help yourself and be your own support system.

Eat healthy and in moderation Keep moving

Involve in hobbies

Weekly goals

Enough sleep

Learn to say no (which is very difficult for me but learning ) Meditation and exercise

Nurturing your mind is as important as nurturing your body, and it will make you better able to handle whatever life throws at you

So you are the one who will heal You So stay tune with my insta

Written by nazia

Specialist fitness and nutrition


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