Dreamy and Magical Eid Ul Adha

Eid Ul Adha is just a few days away and even though 2020 hasn’t been all that festive, we still try to make the most of our little celebrations and keep things going while giving ourselves a reason to smile.

Being an expat, the biggest challenge for us is making our children fall in love with important occasions that we grew up loving and looking forward to. Eid is definitely one such day. So let’s talk about ways we can make it a day to remember.

Our shopping always starts with shopping for Eid, while shopping don’t forget that festivities of Eid always begin at home, so naturally decorating our homes is one of the best ways to bring in the Eid vibe. If you have fairy lights, you are sorted. Fairy lights are magical. They are perfect to add and create a little magic of your own. Gone are the days when decorative lights were used only for birthday parties and weddings.

There are so many different kinds of lights available in the market that its unreal and all the more beautiful at the same time. Pull out your string lights and decorate the house a day before Eid. You can put them up any way you like and if you have drapes in your room, you could add lights and make them look even lovelier. Trust me they will look really dreamy and magical.

You can display using fairy lights by simply clipping the pictures onto the string. Perfect way to create a focal point.

You can add string lights onto the dining table when you set it up for food along with candles to give a warm welcoming vibe for your friends and family.

If you can’t find something, Do It Yourself!! DIY is always great idea for Eid decor. With pinterest and google at your disposal, its always easy to look for ideas that are cost effective and will give your family a fun activity right before Eid. Create buntings, streamers, paper lanterns, Eid cards etc etc and have fun with it.

Eid is a time for celebrations, for being with loved ones, for making memories and for cherishing the good times. Make the most of it. Dress up, take photographs, set up the dinner table, spruce up the decor, lights candles, smile, laugh, be in the moment ❤

Sonya Ali

Instagram : @theshamrocknotions

Instagram: @thedecorfiles

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