Eid is always a special festive for all Muslims around the World.

Eid ul fitr in 2020 was bit different than the usual eid we celebrated ever before.

But it was fun but we were in lockdown.

(Check my instagram highlight “eid” I saved all stories what exactly we did on eid ul fitr ).

And Now eid ul Adha is around the corner and we are again not travelling but will surely celebrate this year with our own family and close friends. ( if govt allowed ).

Eid is a time when families and friends come together to celebrate, usually over a meal, so stay tuned for that ill be sharing few recipe links on my instagram page (highlights) where you can easily click to the link and check out recipes.Prepare yummy Food for your families & enjoy your eid with your loved ones & with those who are less priviliged.

Our plan is to stay indoors and might call few close friends over for dinner and might plan to do Bbq if weather allows.

And also Dressing up and wearing new outfits on Eid is part of our tradition. Which is why i am sharing few outfit ideas here.

That can help you or perhaps motivate you to style your outfits too.

1. Choose light and fresh colors

2. Pastels are pleasing and welcoming.

3. Light fabric.

4. Less jewellery is more.

5. Subtle makeup look

And dont forget good skin care before Eid.

Much love and God Bless


Instagram : @mumoftwobubs

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