Summertime – Quarantine

Hola! It has been really very long since I last wrote here. Life has totally changed during this quarantine or with Covid19 and of course so has the travel plans of many. Lot of safety precautions are to be taken when stepping outside too. It is #newnormal to wear mask and gloves. I am bit skeptical to travel now and will be in Dubai this summer break, though my plan was otherwise. So, since it is Summer here, I will discuss with you today, all Summer trends for outfits and makeup.

For Summer, I prefer more of bright or light, floral print clothes or palazzos. Basically, your comfort is the most priority.

For Makeup, I prefer more of glowy bronze looks or light makeup with either bright or nude lipstick. Since we would be wearing masks, I would emphasize more on eyes with a pop of colour like green, blue, pink or neon colours. My favorite lipsticks are mostly Red or Fuschia and you will see me wearing them most of the times.

But yes, it is equally important to apply SUNSCREEN, before you step out and protect your eyes with SHADES OR SUNGLASSES. I have also come across a wonderful website of Eyewa which has clearance sale now for Sunglasses or shades as well as lenses and, Guess what! My followers will get extra 15 % off using my discount code ‘ ARTI ‘. So check this site .

Since we are indoors most of the times, I request you all to take good care of your skin. You can probably include Retinol or Bakuchiol in your skincare routine to take care of your fine lines, wrinkles and it has anti-aging properties as well.

Also, don’t forget to boost your immunity with Vitamin C and Vitamin D. If required, do take supplements to keep yourself fit and healthy. Also keep washing hands and maintain social distancing. Do hydrate yourself with loads of water though you might be indoors with air conditioner. Start your day with 2 to 3 glasses of water on empty stomach to flush your toxins.

That’s all from my side right now for this summer. Wishing you all a safe and healthy life. Enjoy, stay blessed and happy.


Arti Bhatia.

Divabeautyae (Instagram)

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