Summer Shine

Summer is here and the scorching sun can cause you to sweat, get dehydrated and even break out into a heat rash. But summer weather brings with it so many amazing things — days at the pool, trips to the beach, adorable dresses. Spending time in the great outdoors allows you to “unplug” from the responsibilities, stress, and constant stimulation of daily life.

Aside from providing a much-needed break, it also has a number of physical and mental health benefits.

Now everyone is enjoying much more ‘me’ time and getting to do things they never normally have the time to do. No matter where you live, you don’t have to travel far to enjoy the benefits of spending time outdoors this summer. Now in this pandemic situation thankfully, nature is all around us, there are numerous ways to connect with your natural surroundings. It is time to fix our relationship with nature; to learn to work with it, instead of destroying it.

Before lockdown, our lives were defined by speed. Rushing around, living life at rocket pace was the norm. Keeping up with work responsibilities, social obligations and the latest tech or fashion trends was a never-ending feat. But in lockdown, the pace of life slowed dramatically overnight for everyone.

As the pandemic continues to halt industrial activities, it has given people some time to breathe.

When the world emerges after the lockdown, stringent efforts need to be made to preserve the gains and carry forward the momentum nature has now reset for humanity. But every crisis is an opportunity and the good news is that people are more likely to adopt new mobility habits at key moments of change in their lives.

Have fun, be creative, and shine this season!

Written by: Muqaddas Inam
Instagram: Mac.inam04

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