Summer style with Sidra

Scale up for your style for summers, finally savor the sun and make it the perfect time to shine with the must-have summer essentials!

1.Floral Dress and Straw Hat – hit the beach or go for a brunch

2.Puff Sleeves and Silk Scarf – what is life without a bit of drama?

3.Neons and Head Bands – Bright and brings on positive vibes!

Now that we are all heading back to business masked, and some hesitant to embrace the new lifestyle. It is important to feel in control of our passions by wearing the right fashion. I love creating styling looks for you that are in sync with trends but also creative and sustainable.

Which one is your favorite look? Has dressing up well helped you stay positive in the past few weeks?

I am hopeful we will see the rainbow at the end of the storm. Till then weather the storm stylishly this summer.



Dubaiconnoisseurconfessions ( INSTAGRAM)

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