Life after COVID-19 by Famyglamy!

2020 started with an unexpected pandemic attack of COVID-19 around the world, which had affected the normal life of every human being. None of us had realised what it would lead to the after effects of COVID life. Even after the lockdown has been relaxed, life is not back to normal yet. People are still taking precautionary measures to stay safe.

One thing lockdown has proved is that, there is a life before any social life. It has brought families closer and together. People have realised the worth of their own people. The social life does not mean everything. Families have reunited virtually and developed bonding’s for each other and are keeping a check on their loved ones more frequently.

Dinning out, coffee meetups and casual meetings are still given a second thought. People still would like to maintain the social distance and prefer staying home rather going out unnecessarily. More take-out orders are made, and food is enjoyed indoors while staying at home.

Online shopping has hiked, be it your daily consumables requirement or grocery shopping, more and more vendors have gone online, making it really feasible for all in getting the goods at the doorsteps.

Travel restrictions are still not been relaxed for major countries of the world. Flights to some destinations are operating but the quarantine step for 14 days and 7 days is still maintained. People still being cautious and are not willing to travel overseas and go into quarantine from one home to another.

Like the local transportation commuting has started by maintaining the social distance to ease the life and bring the stand still life to a move and try to revive the economy.

Fuel market has hit rock bottoms there is surplus in production and no demand has affected the prices overall, it has affected to the point where prices had dropped below Zero for the first time. Almost all flights have been grounded during the pandemic this has made the market worse.

People are still not willing to shake hands when they meet and maintain the distance to be safe. The new norm with the PPE utilisation is common and become part of our life. Every individual carries their necessary items i.e., masks, gloves, sanitizers wherever they go. Now entering to any malls by getting body temperature checked through thermal Scanners. Every Business entity ensures to have the temperature checked before entering the facility and people have become used to it. Washing hands frequently without any reminders, even for the kids have become a habit. Looking at people wearing mask and gloves seems to be very casual.

Many businesses are still utilising their staff on Work from home basis, which shows the productivity and efficiency of the business. In person meetings, be it one to one or in larger groups, have now moved online, meeting on Zoom, Teams which is saving time, commuting issues, and costs.

On the other hand, Online /e-learning have made life tougher for working parents. The education level has gone down E-learning does not show any discipline in the students, it does not give that feel and vibe of being in the school/college. 2020 class graduates will remember their graduations ceremony differently as it all is being done online.

Not forgetting the financial crunch that is affected very badly overall. Business going on Maximum optimization, as sales and revenues has been unstable throughout the period, due to which many are losing their jobs and some at job risks, has made life unstable. Companies are now also looking into options to employee people who can work from home as it saves them employment costs , visa costs etc , as people can even be employed from countries where the work force can be hired at a lower wages

Depression have strike many, as people not being so used to the bonding lifestyle, staying at home, loosing jobs, loved ones are major reasons.

Though the world is now going into relaxed mode from the lockdown, it will take some time to grasp things towards the normal curve. Though something out of the norm was, the Nature is self-cleaning itself, wildlife has started to visit places where they have not been seen for ages. Zoos are Booming with new births of animals around the world. Pollution levels have significantly dropped down. River are becoming clearer and seas have lesser pollution.

Looking forward to returning to our normal lifestyles where we do not have fears to socialize or Commute or Dine out and the life can be once again enjoyable.

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