Editors Letter: Summer 2020

Strong women are told often that they are too opinionated or demanding , I regard it less of an insult and more of a badge of honour. It’s the fierceness that makes women great leaders, creators, mentors and most of all strong mothers. If anyone finds you too strong or too opinionated to be around, then they were never meant to be a part of your tribe.

Inside our latest summer issue, you’ll find articles of strong women who have overcome career and personal problems in Recent pandemic, and come out on top and made positive strides in the fields of fashion, beauty, art and social media .The road to independence and empowerment is something that we all have within us!

I hope this continues as we all are ready to get back into a “new normal” as it’s being called. Until then, keep washing your hands, practicing social distancing and getting some activity into your day.

Best wishes


Dubai social diaries

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