Mental health

Everytime this word health comes we always connect it with our physical health condition but have anyone thought about our mental health specially at this time of crisis. We all are battling in our lives with mental health issues be it our work life personal life love life.Let’s share our thoughts about mental health today as we have already spoke about the different dimensions of fitness.

Mental health includes being happy and spreading positivity around us. There is a law on earth that if we think negative we would only attract negative things. We should be in a mental state to take right decisions. Lot of changes are required in ourself our lifestyle our circle. Target to learn something good new every day from your surroundings family members friends. It will make us a better person and gradually will heal our mental blocks.

We can’t expect these changes in a day or two. It might few days few months but we have to make sure that we never have to give up on ourself or any difficulties we have in our lives. Start giving yourself 30-40 mins before u go to sleep and think about your strength and weakness. Plan your goals in your work life and try to move one step towards your goal.

We can share the personal experiences with each other and will try to make a difference in each other’s life. Please come forward to talk and discuss about any issues or guidance you need don’t be shy. Let’s be together and overcome this situation.

Written by nazia

Specialist fitness and nutrition

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