Mankind has faced two huge lockdowns in the past, where the probability of surviving was as less as finding a job of your desire these days. I’d like to say this corona lockdown as “modern lockdown” in which most of the sane people at least know how this pandemic can be avoided.

This lockdown has taught me certain things and being appreciative and grateful is just two of them. We have started appreciating good or better in our lives and started living the life as had been living it since ages. In short we have adapted our lives and selves to the new strange norms and happily co-exist with them.

With the passage of time, life is getting back on track as the movement restrictions have been uplifted across UAE. I could see people roaming around with joy of getting out of home. Many businesses and families have been and still are getting affected badly as a consequence of this pandemic (which is still not over). Small businesses are distinctively victimized by this lockdown. I hope and wish we get over this situation as soon as possible.

Being a mother of two, I have deep concerns of stepping out of our comfort zone. We too have this tiring experience of living inside our home and not stepping out this whole quarantine period. But as a mother, I ponder sometimes that am I really ready to take my kids out somewhere in public places? Would that be safe enough for my young ones? And so many such concerns. Then I brush my thoughts and remind myself that it’s merely a mother’s instinct to protect her family from all odds no matter what.

The uplifting of movement ban was applied considering the citizens to be vigilant enough to protect themselves and their surroundings. I have been seeing people walking carefree in the malls, cinemas, beaches, parks and everywhere with kids and elders too. We as responsible citizens should still abide by the SOPs and general rules. No matter how suffocating it feels (except for some serious malady) but still keep on wearing mask and gloves. Maintaining of social distance is very important. Together we can bring our living back on track.

Wardah S. Syed ( Instagram)

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