COVID crisis and the effects on mental health by Zenofar Fathima.

Zenofar Fathima is a Dubai based personality, who is also a filmmaker, producer and actress. Her brainchild, Zen Film Productions is a film production company that took over the Dubai film scene in early 2018 with the Enigma series, an array of short film stories all based around social awareness. As a result of Zenofar’s success, she has appeared in various publications in English, Indian, Arabic, Urdu, South Indian dailies all across UAE.

Zenofar Fathima’s brainchild Zen Film Productions has produced a new PSA video during the Coronavirus pandemic on depression and suicidal tendencies. The PSA does not only raise awareness for those struggling with depression and negative thoughts, but does so through taking into account specific hardships people are currently facing, as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“I hope this PSA can resonate with everyone who feels like this Coronavirus has ruined a lot of future plans- whether it is a job, not being able to communicate with family and more. But the key message I want to tell people is no matter what- find that one reason to stay alive, and always choose life” says Zenofar.

You can check out the video on Zen’s official Instagram page @zenofar_fathima

or on the House of Zen YouTube Channel

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