EID UL FITR 2020!!

So, this year Eid is not going to be the same like the previous ones , EID 2020 will be totally different as we used to have large gatherings for eid but this year we will not have anything because of COVID 19 ,our lives have just turned upside down, everyone around the world are suffering, it has created  an impact  on all our lives, it’s  a crazy situation out there.

Amidst all this Ramadan  arrives where we weren’t allowed in the mosques , and we are even advised to offer the Eid prayers at home, never heard of this before  but in all this we have realised  what truly Matters is the safety of our family must be our top priority.

During Eid we meet  our relatives and we enjoy lunches dinners, and spend quality time with our loved ones. So this time with this pandemic we have to stay indoors and also we can still zoom  call our relatives  and friends  , we must try to curb this pandemic so being stressed for what has happened in the world we must try  to take necessary  precautions and also follow  the social distancing at all times .

Usually  Eid is the time of celebration and gatherings and food , but this pandemic  thought us to be more resourceful and also to be more sensitive towards  the society to give back to them. Instead of spending  unnecessarily over  food , clothes, etc. I realised that there are families that are affected by this pandemic  and they cannot  afford  the basic amenities so it’s better  to give back to the society.

That’s what Eid is all about right? I feel that this Eid is truly special because  it has taught us the real meaning  of this blessed  month and Eid.  As we used to indulge ourselves  only in the worldly pleasures  we forget  Almighty that gave us abundantly but we were never thankful  and we never  thought  of those who aren’t able to look after their families .

This Ramadan  is so fulfilling  that it has brought  me more closer to Almighty than ever before without any distractions of the worldly temptations. No large iftar gatherings,  also spending my time in kitchen  preparing different types of food to please the crowd. Perhaps  this could  be a learning experience for all of us to be concerned about one another and also to be prepared for anything that comes our way.  We need to stay positive throughout and also look after our loved ones.



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