Eid ul fitr Covid-19!

So unlike other Eids this year eid will be celebrated home! With our loved ones.

As a child my parents always made sure they bought me new clothes and matched my jewellery, shoes and hair accessories that made me excited for eid. I mean after a whole month of fasting it’s like a rewarding day. All our cousins, aunts, uncles and friends have the opportunity to get together and make memories.

I made sure I carried this traditional for my own daughter. From the past 2 years me and my daughter have been wearing matching outfits on eid day. I make sure she has matching shoes and hair accessories along with it. She loves to dress up like mummy and we take heaps of pictures.

However this year due to Covid-19 it was a struggle to get an outfit together that matched, as all post offices are closed. So this year we will be wearing matching colours and coordinating. ❤️

Praying you all have a safe and blessed eid, we shall pass through this tough time and look through our photo gallery, years later and remember this unique eid.

Your health is a priority don’t compromise! Let’s celebrate a virtual eid together.

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