Editor Letter: Eid 2020

This year Eid will be different as we are going through stay at home orders. Families will stay home and celebrate this day with their close ones. Hopefully once this pandemic is over, we can all get together and celebrate this day and appreciate each other more than ever. But Eid to Eid hai na…and we will celebrate our favorite time of the year like we use to celebrate but of course without violating any rules and regulations…I think my sweet tooth might already be on its way back to me. The aroma of sheer khorma and thandi thandi kheer. Yes, I am a foodie and Eid is about food and fashion.thats why In this issue we are talking more about fashion and food . So cut it short and let’s talk about fashion first.Eid and fashion are inseparable. We’re all eager to be Miss Headturner every year. We plan for our looks for days. We pick everything from clothes to shoes to bags. But sometimes, you lack inspiration.So here is your instruction manual on how to glam-up with all the right things this Eid, in the most glamorous outfits presented by our very own Designers and Bloggers.Remember Eid is all about being your best self. What your wear is important, but it’s also important to feel your best. If you think you can skip the bangles, you should. If you think you will do better without mehendi, then keep your hands simple. Focus on looking good. Create lasting memories. Share your selfies with your friends and loved ones!EID MUBARAK in Advance !Editor-in-chiefSONIA KAMRAN

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