‘’My favourite colour is Rainbow”…SAFA!

How great is it to be able to dress up how you want and pick any colours of the rainbow? The girls have so much fun dressing up day to day that when it comes to Eid it’s even more fun for them to explore colours, accessories and scarfs to match! No matter what age you are tradition never ends and Eid is always celebrated with family, outfits, food and presents!

When your young experimenting with colours is what we as adults take for granted, we remain safe and stick to colours we know best, usually blacks, grey and navy ( a few of my favourites ) but the innocence in kids allows them to wear what they like and they pull it off with ease!

Sticking to trend, this seasons colours range from bright yellows, orange, pinks, purples and greens! The best thing is you can wear one white shalwar, trousers or Gharara pant with a number of different coloured Kurtas, the most convenient way to have three different outfits in a day, as like any little girl one outfit a day is not enough!

This year I found it so easy, have a look at how I styled the girls in their favourite colours, and how they accessorised themselves in bows and clips to match! Remember fashion isn’t always about sticking to black or white, there are also all the colours in between! As Safá would say ‘’My favourite colour is Rainbow”!


Safá Sharik Ali
Reém sharik Ali


3_at_thirty ( Instagram)

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