Eid-Ul-Fitr A Celebration of Gratitude!

A Gift from Allah to all Muslims who practice FAST AND PRAY during the month of Ramadan.

And for me , Eid Brings in a Whole New excitement .First because we were able to Fast Alhumdulilah and once it gets over we get to enjoy Festive time and Second it brings back a lot of Childhood memories.

And we will exactly be doing same this year but with our own family (me , my husband and our kids ) not travelling due to covid 19 so we will be spending our time preparing meals and Sweets, Plan is to set up BBQ in our Garden , Decorating our house ,Dress up into Clean outfits , exchanging EiDis and  Definitely long zoom chats with our families and friends , Because we miss their presence.

This Eid is surely be Different but Its EID and we will take it as a Gift . we shall enjoy it to the Fullest.

Now talking about Food :

My favourite meal on Eid day is Breakfast(which usually has Halwa puri or channa with Garam chai)(very typical and desi but delicious).

Then for lunch Main course should have Rice and this year I will be making it special as well.

For Dinner , we will do BBQ.


what shall I be wearing?

Since its our festive & keeping our culture in mind, I shall be dressing up traditionally and this year I am digging out outfits which  I have never worn before or worn just couple of times  & luckily I found 3 outfits so far which I think its more than enough.

And for the kids I always stock up on new outfits for them so Alhamdulillah, they also have their outfits ready,

And that’s it ,


Nayyab omar

Mum of two kids

Palwasha & Tabrez

Instagram handle : @mumoftwobubs

Momoftwobubs ( Instagram)

Lifestyle , Fashion , Food & mommy blogger based in Dubai Uae.

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