Offcourse i will get ready on Eid…..

Celebrating  with simplicity does not mean we dont give value to the most awaited  festival.Except going out, ill do EVERYTHING  that i do on Eid every year. Chand raat is alll about pampering, hair and nails. Facials and dye.. why not!!

Get everyone’s clothes ready as i would for the Eid Namaz. Yaar Ghar pe perhenge!! .

Will make meetha for Eid  morning.

Will get myself dressedup and kids. Only a well dressed kid gets  their Eidi. Yes!! We will give and take Eidi too.We will  have a  special  Eid  lunch too.

Then touch up ker ke we will virtually meet everyone for eid.Zoom calls with family and friends.Exchange  eid look pictures with sisters.  Amma and friends.

Show them our creativity, show them what we wore. Show them how we look.

Virtual ADAAB to all our elders. And tell them ke Eidi hum mil ker lenge.(wont spare)

Humare hissay ki meethai zaroor khiyega.

Bacho ko pyar.Alag hai. Magar Eid to hai na.

Dont let the pandemic kill your spirits.

If anyone of you  feel this eid will be just like a normal day, then trust me.. if you make it special. It will be special.You  can make it ordinary  or extra  ordinary.

New clothes or not..

Eid ki khushi naye kapdon tak mahdood nahi hai.Yes. I agree.  We all will miss meeting  and greeting eachother the usual way.

Its different when we dont take blessing of our elders. Its different when little kids dont chase us for eidi.

Its different when we dont sit and laugh together .Its Different.


Its from Allah to each one of us.

Celebrate it with whatever you have.

Celebrate it with who ever you have with you. Celebrate  it coz it’s to be celebrated. .

Cant wait to see your not to ordinary  Eid.

Keep your spirits high!

Saher iftikhar 

Mommista_Dubai ( Instagram)

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