Desi Eid Dawat Menu

Eid is around the corner,Everybody  have been busy with the preparations. I was making a Pakistani menu for Eid dawat and thought I should share some of my Desi Menu Ideas with you.I hope I can inspire you to try out these recipes in your kitchen .

How to decide Eid Dawat Menu

Here’s a guideline to help you decide what to include in your Eid menu designed to appeal to most guests. You can definitely make adjustments based personal preferences.

1 Starter – The typical Pakistani dawat rarely has appetizers, but If the guests are open to starters then fried items like spring rolls ,Samosas,Chicken Nuggets or peri bites can be served.

2 –Meat Garvy- is must to eat with roti or rice.

3-Dry Meat- can be a bhuna salan, a fried item or barbeque.

4-Rice- can be plain rice or pulao/biryani style rice. Depends on the rest of the menu.

5- Veg Dish- can be mix sabzi ,potato tarkari etc. Something light to have after 30 days of fasting and to complement the meat in the main menu.

6 Sides – Achaar, salad, Raita

7 Dessert – Desi or continental. Home-made or store-bought. Can even be mithai or cake.Sheer khurma is a must for Eid desert.

1 Drinks – Best kept on the side so guests can take as needed, without wastage. Make sure to keep a jug of chilled water, and a chilled diet drink also.

2 After Dawat Chai/coffee / Green Tea – Serving hot drinks after the food can be tough, so this can be avoided if guests aren’t in the mood. To make life easier, offer only one option to the guests or serve in disposable cups.

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