Social distancing, Quarantine, Stay Home & Stay Stylish…

What does this mean to all of us? The current situation has encouraged us to stay home to keep safe and the way I see things there is always a silver lining…

It’s fashionable to stay at home that’s my new moto! We work from home, our kids learn from home and we get everything delivered at home! Still keeping the kids and I in routine is vital and even getting dressed for distance e learning is still important!

I believe the start to a good day is to wake up early, shower and get dressed, automatically your mood transforms in to a positive manner and you start to feel confident and happy within yourself. If you look good you feel good, whether that be putting on makeup, trying out your new aftershave or as my kids love to do wear their favourite outfits!

Even though we are staying at home it shouldn’t mean you forget to have ‘me time’ I still find myself shopping online with the hubby’s credit card purchasing the latest trends for me and the kids!

Check out our ‘stay at home outfits’ and find inspiration for a perfect outfit that is comfortable and yet stylish for you and your kids.

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