As we all are aware of the spread of the COVID-19 or CORONA VIRUS earlier this year, it has affected all our lives in many ways , also with so many things that is changing  around our lives it is leaving  a huge impact on us. Everyone across  the globe are advised self Quarantine themselves to avoid  the spread  of this virus. Some of the countries are in total  lockdown. Every source of entertainment is now closed and all are advised to stay home.

So as  we all are in our homes now, it is very tough  for people  who love outdoor activities, with all this going on in our lives it’s  very challenging to manage our daily  chores. And with this difficult time it impacts on our mental health too. All the celebrities and every influential  person in   the world  are advocating the “stay home, stay safe ” campaign.

Well my Quarantine days are just as regular, spending all day in my PJs , trying out different cuisines,  binging on my Quarantine snacks, also binge watching shows in Netflix. That’s pretty much everyone’s Quarantine days along with work from home too. Now I  meet my family  and friends through Zoom calls.

So through all this negativity around we are trying to stay home with our family that’s the biggest motivation for us to stay put through this pandemic and together we can stop the spread of this virus and flatten the curve. And let’s hope this ends  soon and we can get back to our normal life.


Tasneem shahana ( Instagram)


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