GET YOUR WARDROBE RAMADAN READY with Asma Munir Ramadan Collection

Whether or not you’re observing the holy month, dressing conservatively this Ramadan doesn’t mean forgoing fashion forward looks. Make Ramadan dressing a breeze with these easy outfit updates, featuring pieces by ASMA MUNIR Ramadan collection


pastel shades

There is a particular appeal to pastel shades that make them pop up in every season and every occasion. Perhaps in Ramadan, there is an extra appeal to them because they give that light, gentle and ‘spiritual’ feel.

Very little bright colors will be observed in Ramadan as Muslims will want to keep it low-key and blend in with nature. Delicate shades that are closest to nature like Ivory, Lemon, Honeydew, Azure blue, Lavender, Misty Rose, Salmon and Light Coral will be observed more than any other colors.

Long Flowy and classy

long, flowy ,whimsical dresses just exude an air of elegance.we are loving this style of dresses at the moment.  This is not just something that You would only enjoy wearing during Ramadan, this style is quite beneficial to have in your wardrobe especially living in the Middle East as you never know when you are required to rock up at an event/local wedding/party where the dress code is directed more towards the modest side.  Again, depending on the material, this style of dress can keep you cool in the hot days and evenings and in addition, protect you from the cold air-conditioning inside, whilst enjoying an Iftar gathering.

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