EDITORS LETTER: May/Ramadan Special 2019

Yes! Ramadan is here, and it is the most awaited month for all Muslims! It is the month of fasting and the month of giving,Ramadan is a month in which a Muslim purify his soul and bring him closer to Allah (SWT).

The miracle of Ramadan is that it purifies souls and the physical body of the believers. This month is not only for abstaining food, drink etc. during the day time but is also encouraged for believers to spend more time devoting themselves to Allah (SWT) through prayers and performing good deeds.

About Ramadan Special Issue

The last thing you want after a day of fasting is to be disappointed by your choice of restaurant. Iftars are not cheap, so I like to ensure that the experiences i choose to promote are a true reflection of what you can expect in terms of food and service. You can find useful articles about best iftars in Dubai not only this we short listed best iftar tents for you guys.

Ramadan is a time filled with big get-togethers and it promotes reconnecting with extended family and friends who you don’t manage to see as often as you’d wish. So you want your home to be perfect and for that we have few ideas to decorate your home for Ramadan not only this we choose few unique iftar recipes for you aswell

Last but most important and my favorite aswell! RAMADAN FASHION! We have few blogs about Ramadan fashion from traditional Abaya look to modern kimono look! Don’t forget to check out Pakistani hunk MOHSEEN ABBAS HAIDER in our men’s fashion article and our Ramadan special cover page with Asma Munir’s lastest Ramadan collection

So what do you think of this issue? what do you like and what is missing? Let us know and we will try to deliver it in our forthcoming issues. you can email us at dubaisocialdiaries@gmail.com

Sonia Kamran


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