Ramadan preparation

Ramadan is a time dedicated to spiritual reflection, self-purification, charity, and food fest with families or friends. To reduce energy consumption and effort levels while fasting, people tend to spend more time in their houses during Ramadan than during other months. Thus, it is important to keep your space comfortable, nice and clean.Being hungry and tired can be very tough. This is why we have prepared for you a quick Ramadan preparation checklist and tips that will make your life easier.

checklist for Ramadan preparation 

Kitchen – It is important to keep your kitchen clean and tidy while cooking. Are you Worried for not having enough time for the preparation of your home-cooked meals? Reduce the time spent in the kitchen by rearranging it. Labeling all spice jars from cinnamon to pepper will minimize confusion and help you locate everything quickly and conveniently. As a rule of thumb, place items that you regularly use in accessible areas. Make sure you place the food that will expire soon under your sight so that you don’t end up throwing it away.

Preparing your Iftar & Suhur menu – Plan your dishes at least a week before Ramadan to avoid time consumption, stress and confusion. Think first about the dishes that you prefer having during Ramadan, then write the ingredients down for your next grocery shopping trip.

Prepare some food in advance – if you’re having a busy day at work or with your children and you do not have time to prepare your food during your fast day. Prepare your delicious home-cooked dishes in advance and make sure to keep it in the freezer to avoid decay or deterioration. That way you can save your precious time and energy during Ramadan.

Dining area – If you intend to host a big gathering of family and friends for iftar, make sure the dining area is spacious enough to fit all your guests. Make yourself and your guests feel comfortable by reorganizing the dining area. Having your family or friends over for Iftar can be quite overwhelming. Therefore, delegating the cleaning or cooking to someone else can be a good idea. Don’t forget, Iftar is not a food festival but an opportunity to share food with others while taking part in a spiritual experience. Therefore, make sure to cook a reasonable amount of food to avoid throwing the rest in the bin. If you end up with extra food, donate it to your surroundings, your security guards or the workers in the corner of your neighborhood.

Have a Nice Ramadan!

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