Choose The Best Abaya Style For Ramadan

By definition, an abaya is a loose, long robe, which is a very common garment for women in the Gulf and Middle East. Traditionally abayas are plain black, however within recent years, abayas have come in different colours decorated with beautiful colored embroidery, beading, gems, crystals and ribbons, making them to an eye-catching piece in the wardrobe of modern Arab women.

Just like any other fashion staple, abaya trends come and go. Of course, if you’re looking for the elegant classic design, that will never go out of style.

Whether you’re buying an abaya online or shopping in Dubai malls, don’t forget that the best style for you is one that makes you feel beautiful

Modern Silhouettes

At first look, these non-traditional abayas may look unusual, especially if your taste is traditional. But many young women love the unique silhouettes that are typically either minimalistic or oversized. They come in different unexpected cuts, colors and fabrics


In the last couple of years, Dolce & Gabbana’s flamboyant printed abaya collection made a lasting impact. But while bold, colorful prints will still remain in 2019, we’re seeing a shift towards more minimalistic, geometric, and modern prints.


Many women find it convenient to wear abayas that are belted. Because this gives a little more shape than non-belted ones, they usually allow more movement, too. Belt sizes and thickness can vary depending on the color or material of the dress.


This is the abaya Dubai trendsetters must have because the fringe trend is perfect for those looking to make a major fashion statement! Fringes made of loose threads and feathers are typically attached to the sleeves, at the edge, or cape-like at the back of the abaya.


Fall/Winter saw the rise of the velvet abaya but as we approach the warmer months, more ladies will be looking for summer abayas in lighter tones.

Aside from the expected black, the color that’s most prominent on the Instagram and Pinterest feeds of many #abayalovers this year is blush. Abayas that come in different light pinkish hues are ultra-feminine and can suit different Ramadan events.


Embellished abayas are not new. We’ve seen many designs studded with crystals, beads, and even precious stones! But in 2019, pearl-embellished abayas are making a big buzz. Of course, with high fashion brands like Gucci and Prada putting pearls on their bags, shoes and other accessories, it’s no wonder pearl-studded abayas are also in high demand!

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