Affordable Ways to Say I Love You

Valentine’s day is creeping up and it can be difficult to splash out the cash so soon after Christmas. No need to fret, there are 100’s of ways to say, “I love you” and get those butterflies fluttering without breaking the bank.  Whether you or your other half believe in celebrating Valentine’s day or not, it is still nice to receive a thoughtful gesture and inject some extra romance into your relationship. Here are our top 7 affordable ways to say, “I love you” this Valentine’s day without breaking the bank!

A cute card!

Everyone likes receiving a cute personalised card! Cards are a great tool for sending a heart-warming romantic poem or a super sweet personalised message. You don’t have to splash out the big bucks either. You can buy cards almost anywhere online and offline at a range of prices, styles, and sizes to suit everyone. If you would rather not give money to the card companies try your hand and get creative by making your own cute, personalised card!

A stunning bunch of flowers!

Last but not least and our favourite by far: flowers! Flowers are the perfect, inexpensive way to say, “I love you” and when coupled with one or more of the above will definitely take your special Valentine’s breath away. You can buy beautiful flowers in all colours shapes and sizes to suit your budget.

A Picture Says It All

Frame a favorite photo. Or frame a favorite saying! A red frame, complete with hearts, is perfect for your favorite photo or favorite saying. It’s also easy to make. Another idea? Frame your sweetie in a ring of sweethearts. All you need is a sturdy piece of cardboard, glue, and a box of candy hearts. Oh, and a favorite photo or saying too!

Plan a romantic evening “in” with a Romantic Movies gift box. Place your favorite romantic movie, two bottles of favorite bubbly, sweet or salty treat, or other romantic fare, into a basket. All the ingredients you need to create your very own Date Night In basket can be found at your local craft store, grocery store, Walmart, Target or similar store.

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