The Anti-Valentine

You’ve thrown out the pictures, you’ve burned the gifts, you’re really not that into valentines. Well, there’s something for everyone now in the world of Valentines clothing so don’t worry!

Menswear Inspired Outfit for Anti- Valentines

It’s no secret that menswear inspired looks have always been popular for decades among fashionable women. It’s a classic combo so simple but super cool!

Whether your style is classic, edgy, preppy, girly or more laid-back, this style shows off numerous amazing “borrowed from the boys” clothing, started from loafers and oxfords to suspenders, tailored trousers, suits, button-down oxford shirts, and blazers.

As for accessories, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing clothes from men’s wardrobe, you can just add some masculine accessories to your outfit. There are plenty cool men’s accessories for you to try on, such as suspenders, ties, a fedora hat or a cap, as well as varieties of menswear inspired shoes.

this style can also be tricky to wear, as it can get costume-y or silly or simply unflattering if you don’t wear it right. Scroll down to check out easy tips to master the look!

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