How to Make the Most of Valentine’s Day When You’re Single

For those in love, Valentine’s Day is a time to reflect on your relationship and remember all the reasons why you love each other.However, if you find yourself alone come February 14, you probably view the holiday a bit differently. But just because you don’t have someone special to share it with, doesn’t mean that the day itself can’t be special.Here are few awesome things to do when you’re single on Valentine’s Day:

Pamper Yourself

While everyone else is out spending time with their significant others, take some time to spend with yourself. Take a bubble bath or long hot shower. Paint your nails and apply a face mask. Just enjoy some time alone. When you’re in college alone time is few and far between.

Go on a shopping spree

Take the money you would have spent on dinner and chocolates and put it towards a new wardrobe. Plus, tons of stores usually have sales that you can save on!

Go on a vacation.

This might be the first or last Valentine’s Day that you don’t have commitments or plans. Take the spare time you have to go somewhere you’ve always wanted to.

Throw a Galentine’s Day Party

If you’re feeling lonely gather your closest girlfriends and have a party. Watch a movie, paint your nails or do whatever you heart desires. Regardless of what you do, it is sure to be a great time when you are with your closest friends.

Spend time with Your Family

Along with friends, your family should also be an important part of your life. As a young child, my family and I always focused on one another when it came to Valentine’s Day. If you’re feeling lonely give your family a call or go out with them on Valentine’s day. Because regardless they will always love you.

Enjoy being single

Don’t forget — there are many upsides to being single. Firstly, you get to do whatever you want to do on Valentine’s Day. Being single also means you can concentrate on what makes you happy, be more flexible with how you spend your time/money and make all of your own decisions. Take a moment to enjoy the added freedom and independence that comes with being single.

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