Family Fun on Valentine’s!

Living in a multi-generational family  can make the romance of Valentines day difficult, but it also can make for a really great time to share love and have a special time as a family.

Love is truly one of the best feeling you can feel and something we should always have for those that are in our family, so this is why Valentines day has always been important to me.

When I was growing up, we always exchange those little cards with our friends, and everyone got candy and the day was one everyone looked forward to. As I got older Valentines day became a couple only thing, usually the men giving their wives flowers and candy, and going out for a special dinner.

But when I became a mom, I realized I loved my children and wanted to make the day about family love, instead of a couple day, it was one of the most rewarding and best experiences that I still do today.

Breakfast Valentines

Heart shaped eggs or pancakes are always fun to make but on Valentines day it is really a special treat! Using a mold makes it easy and even the kids can make them!

Dinner Valentines

Heart-shaped Meatloaf is made in our house all the time using your favorite recipe and hand molding this fun Valentine dinner is special for the whole family, I like to use a pan that lets the fat drip away so the heart stays in shape without falling apart.

Valentines Dessert

I love to make rolled cakes and with this recipe you can choose Chocolate or white cake with a strawberry or raspberry filling!

Quick and Easy Rolled Cake

Valentine Fun

There are so many fun things a family can do on Valentines Day, Most of the time couples go out to restaurants, so that means that other things you can do with your family wont be as crowed and you can have a lot of fun, and most places have some great specials to attract Valentine customers

• Go Bowling

•  Go to the Zoo

• Go to a museum

• Watch a movie at home, one of my all time favorites is Disney’s Lady and Tramp!

Spending a day evening with all of your electronics off and having some awesome family time will make memories that will last a life time. I know you are thinking, about the special night you and your husband could be having, but I say do it on any other night, do it monthly, or even weekly, but just like any holiday, make this one a holiday for the family.

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