Review: JPNA2 by Noor Yasin

So I watched Jawani phir nahi aani 2 and it was HELL OF A FUN FILLED RIDE!

Pakistani cinema is getting better day by day may it be the camera work the acting or direction

Film had a few missed moments here and there which could’ve been better BUT it can be ignored bcs the rest is AMAZING!

The direction has been done amazingly by Nadeem Baig, some breath taking locations, wide shots, the angles and the quality, glad we have such talent who are actually working on making cinema better 👀

Story was a fun ride, no FUZOOL long pauses to build the story, it was going point to point on time Cinema was filled with laughter and claps!

The humor was NOT CROSSING any limits on gender or race or cast or body shaming as we’ve seen before in our Pakistani movies (thora dimagh lagao movie makers We want to LUB your work too )

Character of Mawra’s dad played by Sohail Ahmed took all the light for me, he was MIND BLOWING experience does matter and he did his character so well I AM A FAN!

Mawra’s character was played by her perfectly, enough of roasting guys it needed all that over/cute brat acting to be the richest daughter

Loved how the actors have performed all according to their characters NO FALTU DRAMA, specially the punches OH MY GOD!!

Vasay Chaudhary & Ahmed Ali Butt have nailed it, blv me if they both weren’t there the film wouldn’t have impressed me at all

Hummayun Saeed (you’re HOT!)

Some TARKAY not to miss were Fawad khan, Fahad Mustaffa, session of Hamza ali abbasi  (on which almost all the people whistled and clapped which here in UAE is RARE! )

The little Indo Pak rivalry was also light and fun how Humayun describes his Sanjay Dutt ka poster my father could relate

In short a fun Eid release which was a much needed fun filled weekend boost

Pakistani cinema mai TABDEELI aa nahi rahi TABDEELI aa gae hai 🇵🇰

Noor Yasin

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