Men’s fashion trends

Similar to women’s fashion, men’s fashion also keeps changing, but many men do not go overboard with trends and stick to their comfort while dressing. Now, they dont have to worry as 2018 brings a host of trends in mens clothing that will match up to their body type.One colour outfit: The monochrome or one colour was a huge trend in 2017 and it will continue to be seen this year too. It has become a trend that many designers and other premier brands have incorporated in their collections. Men can try wearing a monochrome outfit with different coloured shoes to make heads turn!bright colour palettes: Men are now experimenting a lot more with fun and bright colour palettes. And not just colours, even floral prints are selling like hot cakes this year.Semi-formal wear: The shades of lavender, pink are new trends in 2018. These soft colours are the right options which one can wear on any occasion from a nice evening date to work that include shirts, blazers, trousers, and t-shirts.Choose a Slender Fit:Tailored formal wear shines over draping cuts. We love the ultra slim and slim fit suits. They don’t add bulk to your frame and make every man look polished. This year these slim cuts are popular in uncommon colors.Accessories : There are many options to explore, just pick the accessories such as a nice watch and semi-formal shoes to complement the entire appeal. Author: Sonia Kamran

Model: Abix

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