Health Corner

“Health is the state of complete physical,mental and social well being,and not merely the absence of  disease or infirmity”.Thats how WHO defines health.So,are we really healthy,considering above scenario.Besides physical and social well being,mental health is also considerably ignored.And the dilemma of our society is that most of people donot consider mental issues an illness.Even those who are being suffered take these conditions very lightly.

Psychlogical illnesses may present in various different ways;

1-Stress related disorders

2-Anxiety disorders

3-Mood disorder(depression)

4-Substance misuse disorders(Alcohol&drugs)

5-Personality & behaviour disorders

6-Eating disorders  etc….


These are some of the disorders one may be suffering from.But may be the person suffering is unaware,not accepting it or thinks that there is no way out.

There is always a way out……..but you have to admit first.Speak out about your problem.Although its time taking journey but one surely can get out of psychological just have to stay positive and keep going…..There are trained health professionals to help you out.They will help you through biological,psychological and social interventions or methods that are clinically approved and beneficial……So by seeking continuous  professional help you can get rid of these psychological disorders with start you journey towards a happy life as soon as possible.

Author: Dr Usman Ashraf

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