Morning to evening look with Razya Sultan

We’ve all been there — there’s an evening function on a weekday, and going home to change after work isn’t a possibility… so whatever you wear to the office is basically what you’ll be wearing all night. Luckily, there are a ton of ways to change your look from day to evening super fast.

Ladies spend way too much time trying to figure out what to wear at work that could satisfy the needs of a nicer evening function, and honestly often ended up packing an entire second outfit so that they could literally change in the bathroom at the end of the day. It is annoying, inconvenient, and totally unnecessary.

However, day-to-evening looks actually aren’t all that complicated. you just need to have a few of the right items, and more importantly, know how to pair the items you already have. So if you’re struggling with wardrobe transitions like we used to, this fashion blog is for you!

In this article, Dubai based volgger/blogger RAZYA SULTAN said she’ll wear, ” fancy denim and smart fit white shirt and blazer for day time office look! but for evening I can go over the top with shoes and jewelry.” This look doesn’t feel over-the-top during the day, but also totally works in the context of an evening function.


Fashionista: RAZYA SULTAN


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