So yes it is August and that time of the year where  the two countries India and Pakistan celebrate their Independence day. And so we are Independent nations but are we really  Independent? The two nations are having their own problems in their own way .

But the main problem comes to down to women in both countries women are not safe. Yes they aren’t safe. Evry woman encounters her own problems  be it the society or house in every possible way women are looked down upon. Let’s consider the fact that in both the countries there were women who were strong and powerful but yes they had to face so many troubles come out of their way to become most powerful personalities.

Well for me true independence means when our nations provide equal opportunities to women as they provide to men , stop eve teasing and most importantly stop rape . To come up with a safer environment for women where we keep our head high and walk  in freedom . Yes and that’s the independence day i would love to celebrate.

Author: Tasneem shahana

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