All About Soft, Sheer, Matte Lips

The blotted lip has been making the rounds lately and we have to admit, we’re smitten. so, if you’re all about low-key glamour (or, indeed, all about the illusion of low-key glamour), keep reading.

You’ve got your ultra matte liquid lipsticks and you’ve got your tinted balms and now you’ve got something a little in between: Sheer matte lipsticks. After all, it’s one of those makeup looks that just gets better as the day goes on, while also providing the perfect amount of chic style to your look!

It is remarkably less drying compared to matte lipsticks in the formula. You can even see how it looks more flattering when worn, too, because the consistency of the lipstick is creamier, less stiff and dry. It had rich, opaque color coverage (which is why “Sheer Matte” is a misleading name), and it applied decently without too much tugging or pulling.  Like drier mattes, this absolutely hung on for longer than the average lipstick at good wear through the sixth hour.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite sheer matte lipsticks so get ready to take the diffused lip look out for a spin

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