Style Talk-Interview with Dubai’s Top Fashion Blogger SADAF KHAN!

The life of a fashion blogger appears to be a true dream world through the eyes of an onlooker. One day they are formally sitting on a front row at fashion week, and the next they are relaxing by the crystal clear waters.

When we came across Sadaf Khan blog, we  found ourselves lost in this lovely blog. Every post on her Instagram is so elegantly put together and truly captures her style. High On Fashion, a wonderful fashion lifestyle blog that is filled with stylish wardrobe pieces and beauty posts to help you look and feel your best.

Lets tal to SADAF KHAN of  HIGH ON FASHION , a well-known Dubai fashion blogger, about what her life is really like.About the amount of success Sadaf’s blog has had over the years, her ever-growing presence in the street style scene, and her impressive editorial experience.

DSD-How did you initially get started in the fashion industry?
SADAF-Well, the credit goes to my sister Saher who initially pushed me to just a picture and post it not as a blog but just because I used to get dressed every morning for work and then when the response was super she said do an Instagram blog and that when I took it seriously and started to get more professional with my posts and concepts.
DSD-What’s the best thing of being a fashion blogger?
SADAF-The platform really allows me to inspire people not only fashion front but also to be a better person and that really makes me feel like it’s the best thing ever because in a place like where my voice can reach out to a certain audience and I can make a difference makes me really feel like I’m doing something with me life and not just playing dress up (not that this part of the job is not fun haha)
DSD-What is your main source of inspiration when it comes to staying up to date on the fashion industry?
SADAF-Well, In a world full of trends I do fashion that keep me comfortable, my main inspiration is Natalia Shoestova, the goddess of fashion industry if I may say so…she really inspires me to create looks that turn out as statement looks.
DSD-At the moment, are there certain trends/styles you are loving? Hating?
SADAF-Let me first tell you I don’t hate anything haha, too strong of a word for me and I feel fashion is choice of skin one chooses to describe themselves so I don’t really think any trend is worthy of hate or dislike because if I personally don’t like it it’s not necessary to not look good on someone, even when I see an outfit that I think may not look good on me I picture it on someone it may look good on or try to create some style around it haha. But I’m loving these days is the color pops and suits.
DSD-Fashion can often be influenced by the environment we live in. Describe how it looks where you live and the type of weather you experience there. DO YOU THINK THIS IMPACTS YOUR STYLE? HOW?
SADAF-Honestly, I am a winters person and so no matter what the weather may be I somehow find a way to style outfits with jackets or hoodies haha, I do dress summer style too but yes of course environment does play a big role too however I feel your dressing should be for your comfort for the season, trends come and go but style remains so I try to keep my own trends alive season or no season.
DSD-What is your biggest advice for putting together a foolproof outfit?
SADAF-Always go with your gut, one advice that I would really like to share is and that’s something I personally do, always have a pop of color in your outfit because not only does it add to the look but sometimes also becomes a statement.
DSD-The biggest style lesson you’ve ever learned?
SADAF-If the skirt is not your size, don’t wear it without stockings, it may fall off your waist haha it has happened to me recently in Manchester, just casually walking and it dropped off my waist because it was big on me  on a serious note, style is a way of speaking fashion I always say keep mix and matching nothing is ever wrong with that. Fashion/ Style can never be wrong or right
DSD-How do you glam up your everyday look?
SADAF-I try not experiment a lot with my everyday look, so it’s a simple routine that starts with 4 drops  NYX drop foundation with MAC compact power and Lancôme drama mascara followed by either bombshell huda beauty or Sephora #5 last it’s my blush gingerly by Mac and highlighter soft and gentle by MAC. Honestly if I had a penny for every time I got a DM with what highlighter are you wearing I’ll be super rich lol
DSD-Imagine you open your closet and it’s empty. What’s the first thing you would buy?
SADAF-Christian Louboutin Iriza Pumps
DSD-What piece of advice would you give to anyone wanting to start a fashion blog?
SADAF-Follow you heart, whether it’s food, fashion, art whatever it is that you wish to blog about find your niche and just go with it. It all starts with how dedicated and how consistent one can be because once you are in it you are in it to win it.

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