Fitness by Nazia Jawad!

I nazia jawad will introduce myself before starting this blog. Being a hormonal imbalance individual i once weigh120 kg and then touched my scale down to 58 kg which was result of determination, hardwork and positive thinkings.

Purpose of writing my first blog is to express the benefits and results of fitness, so what is fitness?

Physically smart?

Toning muscles?

Trimming waistline?

Or sheding weight?

May be, but actual fitness is in our daily life which is regular interaction, communication and exchanging experiences with the people around us.

The Word “fitness” has been broadly limited for inch loss, tone body muscles, trim your waist line, but as per my opinion and experience it has endless benefits.

Fitness has many dimensions like your emotions, psychological health, internal health, happiness, beauty (skin,hair,nails,glow,acne)…your outlook to inlook,your family to friends, your psychology to phisiology. First of all you should fit from your mind which hold your all body.

Mental health includes our emotional,psychological and social is important with respect to how we function and adapt weather our lives are satisfied and how you doing and hows your mood is the root question.but yes circumstances plays significant role in that.

For mentally and physically fit u need to change your life style,get around enthusiastic ppl ,get rid of negativity and typical thinkings,have balanced and healthy diet, choose your favourite sport, yoga or any excercise,spend quality time with your family and friends and try to sit with kids and experienced older ppl and trust me you will learn more.

So we should come out of the box and think openly and analyse yourself.give yourself daily 30 to 40 min. It will help you to boost your morale.

Further we will cover all these topics and will do interviews related to these fields.if your really want to know something feel frer to msg me i will definitely revert and will do interview regarding that.

Nazia jawad

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