Stand out for this Eid!

Eid-ul-Fitr is right around the corner and people are planning about their Eid shopping. Especially girls like to decide way ahead of Eid about their dresses. If you have been looking for stylish Eid dresses then you should give this post a read.

Excite your Eid with stunning @elanofficial series of beautifully embellished outfits. The light soft hues give this outfit a western and a delightful magical touch! Loving the shade of beige, silver, gold and ivory. The fabric is kept full of fine embroidery work including cutwork, pearls work, zari work with the touches of dapka.

This dress can be carried with light jewelry as they are already well embellished with loads of beautiful and shiny cutwork. Designed both for the wedding and formal events!


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