Dear Diary (Part1) by Kanwal Umar

February 10 2010
Dear Diary,
Butterfly bushes, roses, hibiscus blossom every year, and would bloom all spring. Suddenly every thing that caused me pain faded away, I am filled with a feeling of delirium. Its been couple of months since we have met, and I already feel devoted and diligent.
Though he visits me often, but I still cant get enough of him. You know how I write down the dates when he visits me, trying to capture every moment. His eyes speak and I can see that spark of love for myself. The rose bouquet he brings for me is placed on my bed side. The smell keeps reminding me of him.
The best moment is when he takes my pictures without my consent. And he told me later, that he keeps viewing them. Shyness is killing me. What a perfect life it would be? Mad in love!
Look at me, I should be focusing on my thesis and here I am always having him on my mind. Fantasizing how perfect life will be. No worries, no regrets. Just me and him. Excited!
She turned over the page with a big smile
May 8 2010
Dear Diary,
I cant believe I am writing you down after months. I have been so caught up with routine. Guess what i am getting married in couple of months. And I just couldn’t wait to write it down.
My fantasy world is taking a realistic turn.
Its been a while we have started late night calls. And he sounds tender and creative. Super intelligent and has a multitude of talents that are respectable and almost enviable. He’s got a great sense of humor when it comes to the situations that he’s put in with life and his looks fit his persona, in the sense that he’s quirky looking on the outside and quirking acting on the inside. He’s very unique, even if he doesn’t always see that quality in himself.
Though my parents think I am too young to be married. But they don’t understand, I am head over heels in love. I just want time to fly. As excited I sound, am nervous too. Taking so many responsibilities in this age. Will i be able to fulfill them? There are so many questions and concerns but all seem answered and solved when I imagine myself next to him.
I even try to workout in this busy schedule. Loosing weight seems impossible. I just hope everything turns out great!
To be continued……

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