Dear Diary part 2

August 17 2010

Dear Diary,

Life is magical. Still waiting on my wedding pictures. Cant wait to paste one. Well, everyone couldn’t keep their eyes off me. And I couldn’t take mine off him. I feel lucky to be beside him.

His affectionate hugs, nuzzling and kisses mean the world to me. I love when he looks at me with that sparkle in his eyes. Its reassuring, as if in letting me know my heart also has colors that he enjoys seeing. It makes me sparkle inside, I adore the times we sparkle together. To me nothing is better than those.

We went for camping a week ago. I spent my first night awake as I was scared in middle of nowhere. He heard me sobbing and woke up. When I told him how scared I was he held me tightly whispering into my ears..

“Our relationship is not limited till good times. We have to be there for each other in our ups and downs. Wake me up when you need me. I am always here for you.”

What else, I would have asked in that very moment. He lifted my face, wiped my tears and brought his lips close to mine. And said in his husky voice

“I Love You! am here for you no matter what!”

His lips brushed mine. Not innocently, like a tease but hot, fiery, passionate and demanding. In that minty moment, my senses have been seduced and I can no longer think straight. All fears vanished. “Felisha!” he whispered slowly, prolonging each letter as if to savor them. I smiled, my heart fluttered at his voice as I clasped my hands on either side of his face. Never before has my name felt so wonderful, I thought, as I leaned for another one.

August 20 2010

Dear Diary,

Clock is ticking. He is back at work, and I have all day to myself. I didn’t spent a minute without thinking about him. Reading, watching movies nothing could take my mind off him. I have to apologize for being rude and angry this morning.

Cant believe I yelled at him, over nothing. Specially, after he has filled my life with love. Brought my fantasies to reality. This was the very first time I saw him disappointed. I know, I have anger issues but I should control them around him. Wondering what would be going on his mind?

Hey, wait there’s a knock at the door…

Finally he is home, hugged me and asked me about my day. I apologized him for being rude and yelling at him. My words couldn’t describe how sorry i was. And he replied with a smile

“I was a little disappointed, as I love and respect you so much. It was hard to accept the reaction. But we all have our times, and isn’t necessary we always agree. Takes time to develop understanding.”

I don’t know if there was a better answer to this. I fall in love him all over again. He is my perfect compliment. I know he would always act maturely and calmly to coming up issues…

To be continued….


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